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ArcGIS Server Cadre Mission: The ArcGIS Server Cadre was formed as a group of tinkerers with the knowledge or wherewithal to build geospatial web applications and create effective services. The Cadre is positioned to explore efficient workflows and best practices for getting GIS on the web and shall share this information with any and all interested parties.



  • Examine existing DWR policy on web publishing to discover and disseminate how it affects the process of publishing services and creating applications.
  • Assemble a collection of web applications published by DWR and other state agencies.
  • Write and maintain a set of JavaScript widgets to streamline the development of applications.

ArcGIS Server Cadre ArcGIS Server Cadre

Workgroup Lead

Aaron Cuthbertson (interim)

(916) 651-9655




Membership is open to all who are interested; please contact the workgroup lead to become active.

Rueen-Fang Wang, Aaron Cuthbertson, Ruppert Grauberger,

Mark Chin, Megan Sheely, Parminderjit Randhawa, Paul Shipman,

Jane Schafer-Kramer, Greg Twist, Ron Vinson, Robyn Starr,

Michael Ross, Christina Boggs, Siran Erysian, Joseph Cruz,

Salma Kibrya, Melody Baldwin, Janice Sutherland, Kyle Morgado

Michael Mehrdadi, Ramesh Gautam, Bill Brewster,

Dimitri Polis, Marcia Scavone-Tansey, Nathan Buchholz,

Lisa Sawyer, Robert Burns, Crystal Bowles

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