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Brownbag Sessions

The Training and Outreach Subcommittee is happy to present Brownbag Sessions, roughly monthly we're going to be holding sessions on different GIS topics. After each session we'll post the recordings here so if you really enjoyed it you can point your coworkers to it or if you perhaps missed one, you can catch up!

If you're interested in presenting a Brownbag Session, please contact jane.schafer-kramer@water.ca.gov.


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Brown Bag Sessions Brown Bag Sessions

Web Map Design Considerations by Mateo Yanes

Mateo is a GIS Programmer in the Division of Technology Services. He has extensive experience as a web map developer in California State Service. He is familiar with State website standards and has spent some time researching best practices for web maps. He gave a Brown Bag presentation on December 9, 2014, but we failed to record it (oops!). Mateo has shared with us the PowerPoint slides from his presentation as well as two other documents he has put together: a checklist for making your web map accessible according to State standards, and a workbook that helps rate the user experience for web maps

ESRI 2014 Conference Review Webinar

Here is a recording of a review conducted on July 29, 2014 by some of the DWR attendees of the Esri User Conference held July 14-18 in San Diego. Each participant shared comments on what they learned at the conference. The first 4 ½ minutes of the video are from the plenary session presentations. Those may be viewed at the Esri website:  http://www.esri.com/events/user-conference/agenda/plenary


Files from the Moderated Paper Sessions are available here:  http://proceedings.esri.com/library/userconf/proc14/index.html


The technical session recordings will be available soon – watch the DWR_GIS_Workgroup listserv for details.


Here are some additional comments from John Lance (NRO):  “The first thing that hit me was that ESRI is really making an effort to give non-programmers the tools to publish web maps and applications.  The out-of-the-box solutions are valuable tools to assist users with the visualization and dissemination of their data.  The upcoming release of ArcGIS Pro is exciting in that it is built to run in a true 64bit environment.  The power behind this application, as demoed, should improve the user experience in most GIS tasks.  The most impressive aspect is the drawing speed of the map and the ability to perform multiple processes. The multiple layouts and multiple views harkens back to ArcView 3.x.  An important note regarding ArcGIS Pro is that is not meant to be a replacement for ArcMap.  In fact, it can run side-by--side with any version of ArcGIS.  The other area for me that is exciting is the WebApp Builder, making mobile GIS a viable solution for some projects.  HTML 5 is here to stay and seems to very useful language to learn.  The paper sessions are always great ways to see what others are doing in GIS.  The paper sessions on Groundwater Applications and Environmental Management:  Ecological Restoration were two of the standouts for me.”


Some comments from Michael Serna (NRO): “The majority of future products from Esri will be application based, geared toward easy access so people or businesses having little or no GIS experience can access GIS users work through purchasing products from Esri. For example, a business employee writes a report and wants a map to go with it. If the company has purchased a product from Esri, that employee will be able to go online and find an app or an actual map created by others for the report. Dangermond goes on to say that his company will be developing an app where others can make a few basic changes to existing ‘shared’ maps and use them for their own purposes.”


This is the morning session.

There were three afternoon sessions.


Remote Sensing


Spatial Analysis



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