Enterprise GIS Services Office Enterprise GIS Services Office

The Enterprise GIS Services Office is part of the Division of Technology Services (DTS).

Here you will find information and anouncements relating to DWR's GIS IT infrastructure including but not limited to: ArcGIS Server, map services, geodatabases, enterprise desktop software and accounts (ArcGIS Desktop, AGOL, ArcGIS Pro, etc), and GIS development services. Check back for FAQ's, help documents, and information pages.

For help with an GIS infrastructure issue or a service request, please submit a ticket using AquaAssist to GIS>Enterprise GIS Services. For other inquires, we are reachable by email at DTS-GISServices@water.ca.gov.

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For issues with ArcGIS Desktop or Pro, try the help menus, Esri's online documentation, and your coworkers. If issue is a bug or software failure, contact your Authorized Technical Manager (ATM) to initiate a call with Esri. For questions on process, review FAQs.
Software Installations:
Service Requests for new Esri software or upgrades go through your local IT Client Support. Choose "Computer>Software>Client Support" when submitting the request.
For any of the following, send an AquaAssist ticket to "GIS>Enterprise GIS Services":
Problem Ticket for issues with:
  • Map Services
  • ArcGIS Server
  • Desktop Software
  • GIS accounts (AGOL, Portal)
  • Enterprise Geodatabase
‚ÄčService Request (new or change request):
  • ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Account
  • Portal Account
  • Web Service
  • Web Application
  • Data Management
For general items or new projects, contact DTS-GISServices@water.ca.gov

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