Emergency Response Subcommitte Mission Statement Emergency Response Subcommitte Mission Statement

Welcome to the Enterprise GIS Emergency Response (ER) Subcommittee Page

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Emergency Response Subcommittee is to improve spatial data exchange during emergency response.


Develop and maintain:

  • Emergency response protocols
  • Mapping standards
  • Data capture standards
  • Data dissemination standards
  • Map templates
  • Equipment inventory
  • GIS personnel roster
  • Training protocols

Principle Functions

The principle functions of the Emergency Response Subcommittee are:

  1. Test the Enterprise Server under simulated emergency conditions.
  2. Identify likely datasets that would be needed during emergence response.
  3. Promote appropriate datasets to the enterprise level
  4. Seek grants and funding to assist in achieving the Emergency Response Subcommittee objectives.

Emergency Response Meeting Information Emergency Response Meeting Information

Currently, meetings are on hold until a new chair has been selected.

Many Thanks to Jaime Matteoli for all of the hard work he has done for the ER Subcommittee!

Subcommittee Membership Subcommittee Membership

Chair  Jaime Matteoli  916-574-2759  matteoli@water.ca.gov

Co-Chair  Ruppert Grauberger  916-653-2698  ruppert@water.ca.gov

Members  Brian Smith, Christina Boggs, Dana Fernandez, David Harris, Erica Fong, Jane Schafer-Kramer, Jason Harbaugh, Jeff Galef, Jon Mulder, Melody Baldwin, Nova Clemenza and Scott Sochar

Members are listed here but membership is open to all who are interested and wish to be involved, please contact the chairperson to become active.