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The Geoportal provides easy and convenient ways to share geospatial data. Check it out here.

ArcGIS Server Geoportal Extension ArcGIS Server Geoportal Extension


DWR has invested in the development of an Enterprise GIS with the purchase and implementation of ArcGIS Server. The ArcGIS Server Geoportal extension provides a simple user interface for accessing enterprise GIS data regardless of where it is located, and powerful search tools to find the data you need.

Here is a link to the ESRI web site to learn more about the ArcGIS Server Geoportal Extension.

This page and forum are meant to facilitate your participation in the development of the DWR GeoPortal.

If you would like to post a comment on the Draft Spatial Data Standards you must first login to the GIS Portal. Once you login you can post comments in the different threads below.

Keep in mind that you will have 15 minutes to make your comments and save them before your session will timeout. You can always write your comments beforehand using Microsoft Word and simply cut and paste.