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Christina Boggs  916-651-7036


Scott Hayes  916-651-7210


Nancy Miller, Nicole Castagnam, Gary Darling, Melody Baldwin, Ray McDowell, Ruppert Grauberger, Todd Flackus, Joseph Chang

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Members are listed here but membership is open to all who are interested and wish to be involved, please contact the chairperson to become active.

NHD Subcommittee NHD Subcommittee

Welcome to the NHD Subcommittee Page

National Hydrography Dataset Subcommitee Mission: Write the MOU and conduct the pilot project for DWR stewardship proposed in the business case attachment.


  • Determine Cost-Benefits for NHD Stewardship
  • Conduct Pilot Project
  • Secure funding for NHD Stewardship
  • Engage in MOU with USGS for Stewardship of NHD.



  • Complete the benefit side of the cost/benefits analysis for NHD Stewardship
  • Conduct Pilot Project to assess the hours and financial requirements to derive linework compatable with the National Hydroraphy Dataset from LiDAR (one small component of the cost estimate).